“AMI ONCO THERANOSTICS is the fruit of a partnership between Photolitec, Roswell Park and Ami Organic Limited.”


Photolitec, llc


Partnership is still the leitmotiv of the biotech industry. New young emerging companies are in the need to find way to sustain their business by looking to grow with the right strategic partner. Photolitec,LLC is a spinoff of the Roswell Park Cancer Institute, its initial partner in the development. We are looking to combined Imaging, PDT and Chemotherapy.


Roswell Park Cancer Institute


Roswell Park Cancer institute is the first cancer institute in the US. Located today in the vibrant Buffalo Bio-Cluster, RPCI have been in the cutting edge of oncology research. Photodynamic Therapy was invented there and today with Photolitec compounds, this technology is capable to offer an better alternative to cancer treatment for cancer patients.


AMI -Organics


AMI group was establish twenty years ago with a strong focus in API and production. Today AMI group acquired a solid reputation around the globe by provident state of art facilities and API capabilities to main CMO’s around the world and direct partners of well-known Pharma and Biotech companies. Ami Organic Limited saw an unique opportunity to get involved with Photolitec technology for the benefit of cancer patients.