“Ami Onco-Theranostics, LLC is a US joint venture between Photolitec, llc and Ami Organic Limited. The principal aim for this US Joint venture is to bring Drug discovery and Drug development to a global commercial stage.”

US Joint Venture between Photolitec and Ami Organic Limited

This was the perfect match with common grounds. The need to combine science and financial capability together was established in 2015. Photolitec’s development and Ami Organics Limited were able to invest in drug development of Photosensitizers that will directly benefit patients around the world.

See, Diagnose and Treat cancer

The technology has been license by Photolitec, llc based on research done by Dr. Ravindra Pandey, Distinguished Professor, PDT Center, Cell Stress Biology, Director, Pharmaceutical Chemistry at the Roswell Park Cancer Institutes and Founder and CSO of Photolitec,llc. Photosensitizers are bringing a novel to cancer treatment where we can See, Diagnose and Treat cancer with PDT.

Photolitec: SEE & DIAGNOSE

New Generation of imaging agents / Photosensiziters

More specific for tumor detection than 1aF-FDG (1B US market)

Tumor bearing mouse (imaging with 18F-FDG)
Tumor bearing mouse (imaging with 1-124 Agent)
Tumor bearing mouse (1-124 Agent using Nanoparticles)

One of the most important of aspects of treating cancer is the ability to obtain a great visualization of the tumor inside the human body. The hardware technology of PET and MRI…ect. have been growing fast paced for the past 10 years along with Software applications capable to reconstruct an image. Some of the existing imaging drugs were developed 40 years ago. Our focus have been on developing new tracer/Media / imaging drug in order to create an enhancement for visualizing of solid tumors. Two Orphan drug designations have been obtained since Dec 2017: one for Esophagus Cancer (May 2018) and Glioblastoma (Dec 2017). Those two products are moving forward with the FDA ( preIND and IND are under submission). See our Pipeline.

Drug discovery and Drug development

Photolitec is providing to this Joint Venture a strong experience in Oncology and Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) based on a special relationship with the Roswell Park Cancer Institute, one of the top comprehensive translational cancer research center in the US.

Global Commercialization

Ami Onco-Thereanostic is by nature an International company with International strategic partners.

A new technology to defeat Cancer